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Jan 19, 2015 | Valerie Young | 1643 views
Playership Awards
The Athens Youth Hockey Association has awarded $7730 in Playerships for the 14-15 season to enable families with financial need to keep their kids in hockey.  About 70 % of these funds come from a grant from the Columbus Bluejackets Foundation, with the remainder covered by donations from member families, revenue from the Kroger Community Rewards program, and sponsorship from local businesses. 

 The Registrar receives Playership applications each season, and passes them directly to AYHA's accountant to be reviewed for financial need.  Using the documents provided by the applicant, the accountant provides a numerical summary of the family's financial situation.  The accountant then destroys the financial documentation, returing only his summary of the family financial situation and original application form, where the applicant can document any extenuating circumstances.  The Registrar transfers the financial summary and application to the Playership Committee.

The Playership Committee consists of three AYHA members who keep all information regarding the applications confidential.  The Committee defines an "expected contribution" toward fees for each player, based primarily on the accountant's financial summary. Although the accountant uses federal poverty guidelines as a benchmark, a family does not need to be in poverty in order to have financial need to play ice hockey.  The goal of the Playership Committee is to cover the gap between a player's fees and expected contribution.  The Committee may adjust the Playership based on extenuating circumstances (such as a sudden change in the family's financial situation) and the family's volunteer activity with AYHA. 
The Registrar distributes the Playership funds to the players' accounts according to the monthly payment schedule.

Playership applications are requested at the start of each season, and must include financial documentation such as photocopies of tax returns.  The application is posted at > Membership > Player registration, but applications cannot be submitted online in order to maintain confidentiality.  Applications can be submitted to the Athens Hockey drop box in the lobby of Bird Arena, or to PO Box 614, Athens, OH  45701.  Please place applications in an envelope addressed to AYHA Playerships; no return address is needed.  Early application is strongly encouraged.  Late applications add to the workload of our volunteers and to the time required of our accountant, and make it difficult for the Playership Committee to budget for late applications from families new to AYHA.
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