Handbook & Bylaws (Athens Youth Hockey Association | Athens Ohio | Bird Arena)

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The Bylaws function as binding rules that outline how the Association will operate, while the Handbook functions as the guidebook for implementing those rules.  If the Bylaws are the "why" and the "who" of the organization's policies and procedures, the Handbook contains the details of "how" parents, players, and coaches make the Association work on a daily basis.

The goal of any set of bylaws is to provide clear organizational direction on how an organization is run in a manner that does not require regular or subjective interpretation.  In the Bylaws, Association members can find information regarding the creation of the AYHA, what constitutes membership and participation in the Association, who makes up the governing body and what their duties are, conduct of Board meetings and voting, accounting requirements, Association programs, and Association policies.

The AYHA Bylaws can be found at the following LINK..


The previous Association handbook in its current state has been the cumulative result of the experiences and input from many years' worth of Association members.  However, the previous versions of the Bylaws and Handbook were a somewhat jumbled assembly of directives with confusing terminology, formatted in a manner that made them difficult to utilize, and lacking direction for a variety of mission-critical Association requirements.  Furthermore, the current Handbook had inconsistent overlaps with the prior version of the Bylaws that required interpretation by Association members.  As many more experienced AYHA members have "aged out" as their children graduate from the high school team, the Association has been left with large gaps of knowledge regarding the many requirements and activities that were not written down, passed down by word of mouth, and at times inconsistently applied.

An updated draft handbook will be available in early 2024 that will provide a variety of guides and details for how rules, policies, and programs are practically implemented.  As part of the draft, Association members will have an opportunity to contribute and review the handbook before it is presented to the AYHA Board for consideration.  With so many rules, programs, and policies that the Association is required to implement each season, it is not anticipated that the first updated handbook will be comprehensive in nature. Instead, it will cover several of the largest, most pressing needs for our Association members and leave plenty of room in the future for updates.

Updated 2023-10-08.