Registration (Athens Youth Hockey Association | Athens Ohio | Bird Arena)

Registration for the 2022 / 2023 season is now open!

If you are ready to register your youth hockey player for the AYHA 2022 / 2023 season, please follow the steps below to ensure an easy and successful process.  If you are interested in registering a youth player between the ages of four and ten year in the Learn to Play program sponsored by the Columbus Blue Jackets, please visit the AYHA’s Learn to Skate & Learn to Play Programs page under PARENTS.

usa-hockey-logo.pngRegistration Step 1
First, regardless of age you need to register your youth hockey player with USA Hockey, which is mandatory to participate in both the AYHA’s zero-travel and travel team leagues for all age divisions.  For 2022-2023, registration is $15 for children born in or after 2016, $50 for those born between 2014-2015, $61 for those born between 2010-2013, $70 for those born between 2004 & 2009, and $46 for those born in 2003 or earlier.  

Register at USA Hockey's Membership website.

USA Hockey will provide your player a confirmation number, which is required when registering with the AYHA.  A confirmation number is typically a 9-digit number followed by the first five letters of the player’s last name (e.g., 123456789ABCDE).  

Registration Step 2
Next, register your youth player in the appropriate age division.  The AYHA participates in the Buckeye Travel Hockey League, which includes teams from West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  If you are not interested in traveling and only want your child to play BTHL home games at Bird Ice Arena, you still must be registered in a BTHL age division below.  Youth players registered on a zero-travel team are not rostered with the BTHL and are not permitted to play BTHL games, either at home or away. 

UPDATE 9/3/2022: Due to not enough players having registered for the 8U BTHL league by the August 22 deadline, there will not be a separate 8U travel team for the 2022/2023 season.  Those players who previously registered for the 8U BTHL team will be combined into the 6U/8U zero travel team.

For the 2022 / 2023 season, the fee structure for each age division is as follows.

 2022 / 2023 Age Divisions  Season Fee
 6U/8U Zero-Travel Team (Birth Years 2014 & Younger) $460.00
 8U BTHL Travel Team (Birth Years 2014 & 2015)   $625.00
 10U BTHL Travel Team (Birth Years 2012 & 2013)  $865.00
 12U BTHL Travel Team (Birth Years 2010 & 2011)  $980.00
 14U BTHL Travel Team (Birth Years 2008 & 2009)  $1,325.00
 High School Travel Team  $1,610.00

The season fee includes a $100 non-refundable deposit, and the AYHA offers a $100 discount for multi-player families as well as a 50% fee discount for youth players participating in their first season.  The AYHA recommends families select the option to pay the season fee utilizing monthly installments.

Please register at:

Athens Youth Hockey Association page on

Be sure to select the appropriate age division when you register.  The Association recommends registering prior to the end of August so the appropriate number of teams can be established prior to the start of the season. 

Registration Step 3
After you have completed the AYHA registration, you may order game jerseys and socks for youth players on teams 10U and older.  The Association will lend jerseys to the 6U/8U players for their season, so those families do not need to purchase them, but they will still need to purchase socks.

UPDATE 9/1/2022:  Jersey orders for the 2022/2023 season are no longer being taken as of September 1st, 2022.  Due to the long lead time it takes for jerseys to be manufactured, the order must be placed by the start of September to ensure delivery by the first games in early November.  If you are still interested in a jersey, please fill out the form as the AYHA makes every attempt to place a second order in the Fall.

Game jerseys are $130 for a pair (one green home and one white away), and they may be ordered by filling out and submitting online the following form: 

AYHA 2022 / 2023 Jersey Order Form

Please fill out the form, including three preferred numbers for the jerseys; all jersey numbers are reviewed and approved by the Registrar to avoid conflicts (prior season youth players may keep their previous jersey number).  Pay close attention to the jersey sizing chart and remember to account for your youth player wearing equipment as well as a little future growth when taking measurements (many families can get two seasons or more out of jerseys).  When the jerseys arrive, they will be billed to your account and added to the monthly registration fee payment.

Game socks can be order directly by families from the Homegrown Sporting Goods company at the following links:  

When selecting a length, remember that a hockey sock should run from the player’s ankle to about 50%-75% up the player’s thigh.

Registration Step 4
While you are waiting for jerseys and games socks to arrive, please complete the following online health and safety training programs:
  • Concussion Awareness
  • SafeSport
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
More information for each training program, including links and submission requirements, is located under the POLICIES menu at the top of the AYHA page.

Registration Step 5
Please review the Parent / Player Conduct rules under the PARENTS menu at the top of the AYHA page.  By registering with the AYHA, you and your youth player agree to abide the the conduct rules through the season.

After Step 5, you are ready to play!  Please take time to read all of the other information on the site about playing hockey, volunteering opportunities at games, and even coaching.

Updated 2022-09-03.