TRY COACHING (Athens Youth Hockey Association | Athens Ohio | Bird Arena)

2021-try-coaching.jpgThe AYHA always welcomes new and experienced coaches with hockey backgrounds to serve as head and assistant coaches for all age divisions.  In fact, many coaches are parents of players, and their desire to volunteer time on the ice is essential to maintaining the Association’s mission of developing youth athletes in southeast Ohio.  Even if you do not have a hockey background, but you can skate, you too can be a valuable youth hockey coach with a little effort and enthusiasm.

The AYHA follows the coaching registration and educational requirements of USA Hockey and MidAM Hockey, which all must be completed prior to participating in any on-ice or off-ice activities.  If you are interested in becoming a coach, first reach out to the AYHA’s Director of Hockey and Assistant Director of Bird Ice Arena, Ryan Finkle, for more information. 

When you are ready to register to become an AYHA coach, simply follow the steps below.

Coaching Step 1
First, regardless of age division or your level of experience, prospective coaches must register with USA Hockey (fee required).  USA Hockey will provide you a confirmation number, which is required by the AYHA.  A confirmation number is typically a 9-digit number followed by the first five letters of your last name (e.g., 123456789ABCDE).  USA Hockey coaching registrations require a yearly renewal.

Link: USA Hockey’s Membership Registration

Coaching Step 2
Next, submit your information to USA Hockey for a background check (fee required). The background check is in compliance with the requirements of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.  Background screenings are good for two years.

Link: USA Hockey’s Background Screening

Coaching Step 3
Complete USA Hockey online SafeSport training (no cost).  The SafeSport training consists of a number of core courses for those taking it for the first time as well as yearly refresher modules.  Please note that you will need your USA Hockey confirmation number as well as a unique email address not already in use by another family member at USA Hockey.

Link: USA Hockey’s SafeSport Training

Coaching Step 4
After completing SafeSport training, complete a State of Ohio approved youth concussion training program (no cost).  Ohio provides several options for free, online concussion management training modules, which must be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Link: Ohio Online Concussion Management Training

Coaching Step 5
The State of Ohio also requires training for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), which also known in Ohio as Lindsay’s Law (no cost).  Review the required SCA video, informational handout, and provide the required signature form for Step 7 below.

Link: Ohio Lindsay’s Law 

Coaching Step 6
Now that that the essential background registrations are complete, you are ready to start your youth hockey coaching education requirements.  The AYHA follows the coaching education requirements provided by USA Hockey, which includes an age-specific online training program for the age division you will be coaching ($10 fee required) as well as completion of a Coaching Education Program Certification Clinic ($55 fee required).  The age-specific module only needs to be completed once for the age division you will be coaching and must be completed prior to the start of the season, while the certification clinic must be completed yearly and must be completed prior to December 31st of the year.

Link: USA Hockey Age-Specific Modules
Link: USA Hockey Coaching Clinics

Coaching Step 7
Submit all of the following information to the AYHA Registrar, Brianna Adams, prior to the state of the season:
  • USA Hockey confirmation number for 2021 / 2022.
  • Online receipt as proof of submission of a background screening through USA Hockey
  • Current USA Hockey Safesport certification
  • Certification of online concussion training (valid for three years)
  • Signature form attesting to completion of SAC education
  • USA Hockey Age-specific Module completion certificate
The following information can be submitted to the AYHA Registrar when completed:
  • USA Hockey Coaching Clinic completion certificate
Updated 2021-10-30.