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locker-room.jpgUSA Hockey recognizes that youth players may be vulnerable in locker rooms, changing areas, and restrooms.  Athlete-to-athlete problems, such as abuse, bullying, harassment, or hazing can occur when a coach or other responsible adult is not in a position to observe.  Additionally, inappropriate activities between adults and youth players, especially with non-official or non-related adults gaining unsupervised access to youth players at team events, can occur.

The Association has developed a comprehensive locker room policy for players, coaches, and parents that adheres to the guidelines of USA Hockey:

AYHA Locker Room Policy (2019-10-13)

General AYHA Locker Room Policy

The following general locker room policies apply to players, coaches, and parents for all home and away games, practices, and other AYHA sponsored events.

Parents / guardians of Athens Hockey rostered players are members of Athens Hockey and as such are responsible for providing Locker Room Monitors and additional adult assistants for events in which their team participates. A “Locker Room Monitor” is a screened and trained adult other than the team’s head coach who monitors locker rooms for a specified team or teams according to this policy. A Locker Room Monitor must be a current individual member of USA Hockey and provide their member registration number to the Athens Hockey Registrar, have a current passing result from the background screening process approved by MidAm Hockey, and have current certification by USA Hockey of completion of SafeSport training. 

All players are required to always wear a minimum base layer in the Locker Room. The base layer is defined as “shorts” for boys and “shorts and top” for girls. Exceptions are allowed for high school players showering following practice or games outside of the restricted bench coach period (as defined below).  

Only bench coaches for the game about to be played and rostered players in the Locker Room 15 minutes prior to a game.  

Immediately after a game only bench coaches from that game and rostered players can be in the Locker Room. Nobody else may enter the Locker Room until a Coach comes out of the Locker Room and gives the OK to enter the Locker Room. 

Beyond the restricted bench coach period, players and parents are individually responsible for their behavior in the locker room. Expectations for behavior are detailed in the AYHA code of conduct.

Players arriving late must dress themselves or arrived dressed. Arriving late does not grant access to the locker room during the restricted bench coach only times.

Cell phones and other devices with recording capabilities are not permitted to be used in locker rooms.

Updated 2023-05-29.