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Dec 03, 2009 | Steve Sammons | 2642 views
Are your skates sharp?
Can you hear that?  That’s the sound of speed.  No, Jimmy Johnson is not doing laps in Bird Arena.  That’s the sound of freshly sharpened skates tearing up the ice.

One of the many services offered at Bird Arena for the avid skater includes skate sharpening.  The expertly trained skate sharpening staff at Bird has the ability to get your skates sharpened and get you back in the game quickly.

Our sharpening staff utilizes a Blademaster Custom Radius “Three wheel” machine to get the job done right.  Blademaster is the industry leader in skate sharpening machines.   Skates can be sharpened to each customer’s individual specifications.  A sharp skate requires two sharp edges.   The hollowed out middle of the skate blade gives the skate its two edges that are needed to cut into the ice.  A hollow is the cavity in the metal of the skate’s blade created by one of the Blademaster’s 2 finishing stones.  Typical hollows are 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter. 


Sharpening skates is a skill that only a select few have mastered.  We know that you don’t want just anyone sharpening your skates.  So we have selected, trained and tested a small number of sharpeners to guarantee the quality you deserve and expect. 

Our skate sharpening staff will be on duty Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4-6 PM, Thursday 2-4 PM, Friday 3-5 PM and 10 am – noon on Saturday and Sunday.  If these times aren’t convenient for you feel free to drop them off at the Pro Shop and we’ll have them sharpened and ready in 24 hours. 

Names to know around Bird Arena for speed are not Johnson, Gordon or Martin.  If you want to go fast at the Bird get to know the sharpeners, Holzemer, Deal, Spark and Benedict.  Call (740) 593-4676 for more information.


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