Marazon Memorial Cup 8U House (Athens Youth Hockey Association | Athens Ohio | Bird Arena)

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Marazon-banner-2023.jpgThe Athens Youth Hockey Association is pleased to announce the 2023 Marazon Memorial Cup 8U House Tournament November 17, 18, and 19 at Ohio University's Bird Ice Arena in Athens, Ohio.  A tentative, detailed schedule for the Friday and Saturday of the tournament will be available on this webpage later this summer.

Open to 6U / 8U Teams
Target Skill Level is USA Hockey Blue / Low-White
8 Teams (7 invited plus one AYHA team)
4-on-4 Plus Goalie on Half-Ice w/Intermediate Size Nets
USA Hockey Officials

Online registration will be available later this summer!

Have questions? Contact AYHA Scheduler, Deborah McAvoy, at [email protected] for tournament info or if you want to discuss the proper placement of your team.

The goal is appropriate competitive balance and a quality experience for all teams. This is not easy to achieve at 8U, but we will do our best to make good matches. 

The lower division (blue and low-white) is appropriate for most teams of 6U and first-year 8U players. The upper division is appropriate for most teams of 8U players with a year or two of experience.

Athens is a small association whose players have a wide range of skills, so we understand that not every team is homogeneous. If you add players not usually on your 8U roster, they should have been playing 8U half- or cross-ice all season. Players whose primary team has been 10U full ice for most of the season should not be added to your tournament roster, regardless of their age.

A USA Hockey team roster will be required for each team prior to the start of games.  If a player is not on the roster, that player cannot play!

The goal is a quality hockey experience for all players.  Coaches should give equal ice time to all of their players to the extent practical and emphasize fair play. 

Each team must provide a score sheet official and penalty box monitor for their games.
Games consist of three 12-minute periods with a 90 second stop clock played on half ice with intermediate nets and blue pucks. Teams will play 4-on-4 with goalies. There will be one official for each game. 
There will be a 1-minute warmup and a 1-minute break between periods. The clock will not stop for goals, pucks leaving play, penalties, or nets shifted from position. Play will restart with a puck drop at the center after each clock stop and after each goal. For other whistles, officials will restart play by tossing the puck or by allowing the defense to move the puck out, at the official’s discretion.
Minor penalty sits out the remainder of the current shift in the penalty box; however, a penalty in the last ten seconds of a shift requires the player to sit the next shift as well. The penalized player returns to the team bench when the shift ends and may not return to the ice until their next regular shift. If the team on the power play scores, the penalty ends; the player in the penalty box can then re-enter play provided their shift has not expired.
Major penalty or Misconduct sits out one full period, or the remainder of the game if the Major or Misconduct is called in the third period.  Game Misconduct or Match Penalty requires removal from the ice and bench for the remainder of that game and for the team’s next game in the tournament.  At the discretion of an official, persistent minor penalties may result in a Misconduct or Game Misconduct, and Game Misconduct or Match Penalty may result in removal from the Arena for the remainder of the tournament. Officials will do their best to apply current USA Hockey rules in the context of a half-ice game, and respect for the officials by players and coaches and spectators is absolutely required. 
No overtime for preliminary round games. Teams will be ranked for the final games using the following point system, which provides no advantage for running up a score. 
One point for winning a period (in case of tie: 1/2 point awarded to each team)
Two points for winning a game (in case of tie:  one point awarded to each team)

 Point ties will be broken in this order: 
Win/loss record 
Number of periods won 
Fewest goals against 
Least penalty minutes 
First team to score in head-to-head game
Coin toss
If the Championship or Consolation game ends in a tie: 
3 player shootout until tie is broken (no repeat shooters until all players take a turn) 
The referees, tournament leadership, and rink management reserve the right to remove anyone from the rink for abusive behavior. The USA Hockey zero tolerance policy will be strictly enforced!
All players and coaches must be registered with USA Hockey and rostered with their team.  The Athens Youth Hockey Association, Bird Arena, Ohio University and the Tournament Directors and committee shall not be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries during this tournament.

The goal is a positive hockey experience for all. We do our best to group teams for good competitive balance, based on the information that coaches provide. Requests to obtain or avoid particular opponents cannot be honored.