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Jul 20, 2013 | Valerie Young | 1385 views
AYHA Loans Gear to Members
AYHA and Bird Arena have a good stock of player gear for ages 10 and under, and some gear for older players.  AYHA members can borrow this gear at no charge for off-season practice and hockey schools as well as during the season. To have your player fit, or re-fit, with gear for the coming season, contact the Registrar, Valerie Young, [email protected]. 

To be fit (or refit) for gear, your player must be registered for the coming season.  "Registered" means that Registrar has received your completed registration forms and the $100 deposit (or the $75 first-half payment for Mini-Mites).  Registered players can arrange for gear fitting by contacting the AYHA Registrar ([email protected]) or Bird Arena's Phil Oberlin ([email protected]).

Gear is available first-come, first served. AYHA does not guarantee that we have gear to fit your player, but we have a substantial supply for ages 10-and-under, and some for older players. Typically, we accommodate everyone who needs gear.  Many families start to buy gear in their second or third season, as Christmas or birthday presents.  You can buy some items, and borrow others from AYHA.  A need to purchase gear can be considered in an application for financial assistance (playership).  AYHA gear can be worn by your player for any ice hockey activity.

AYHA does not loan or supply underwear, jock/jill shorts, socks, or mouthguards. These are the player's responsibility.  Mouthguards are required. Players should have their own skates.  AYHA does not maintain a supply of skates, but we can often help you find a pair of used skates that will fit. 

AYHA gear is primarily donated by families whose players have outgrown it. That is an important statement from the AYHA family of our commitment to welcome new players.  If you are an AYHA family with outgrown gear in the closet, write AYHA on it in black permanent marker and bring it to Bird Arena. 

AYHA and Bird Arena try to monitor to state of the gear we have in stock, but items go in and out frequently as members exchange for larger sizes.  Also, gear wears while your player wears it. Monitor the state of your player's gear.  If you have a question, ask your coach after practice, or ask a member of Bird Arena's hockey staff.  Gear that is worn out, or worn improperly, will not protect your player.  Proper gear is, ultimately, the responsibility of the parent.
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